Hi, I am Kelliann Lafferty

Front-End Developer

Kelliann Lafferty

Who I am

Based in Seattle, WA

As a user-focused developer, I strive to build beautiful and engaging web applications that both delight and serve a purpose. With a degree in Sociology from Penn State, I have always been interested in how people interact with and experience the world around them.

During my experience at a marketing tech startup, I worked closely with Engineering in a technical support role and admired their ability to build out features based on users' needs. In 2019, I pursued web development full-time and completed Flatiron's Software Engineering program. Since, I have been working on Project Untaboo, a mobile application that aims to increase period care accessibility worldwide. In this role, I have had the opportunity to work with developers and UX designers to build out a user-friendly, enjoyable app. I’m excited to leverage my technical skills, defined sense of aesthetic and collaborative personality into my next role as a front-end developer.

When not online, I can be found strolling my neighborhood, reading my way through my Goodreads list, concentrating on the latest NYT crossword puzzle with an iced coffee or snuggling with my two cats, Moxie and Fizz. If you’d like to connect, find me on LinkedIn or shoot me a message - I’d love to hear from you!


My work

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